Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bargain Hunting Parts 4 and 5 - Great White North Edition

It was time to add some hockey to my bargain hunting excursion. Remember the rules? Under $5 basically. Free shipping if possible. I found two lots that I snapped up pretty quickly.

The first included this 1970-71 OPC Serge Savard - Hall Of Fame 1986
a 1971-72 OPC Brad Park Hall Of Fame 1988 - (Brad has a wrinkle on the front that stabs him right into his hip)
a 1971-72 OPC Yvan Cournoyer All Star with a crease just under "Right Wing"
a 1971-72 OPC Serge Savard - crease free, but with a soft lower corner.
a 1971-72 Topps Frank Mahovlich - Hall Of Fame 1981 - Frank was traded from Detroit to Montreal. Detroit wears red and white, Montreal wears red and white. Airbrush the logo and no one will ever know, right?
a 1971-72 Topps Gordie The Best Hockey Player That Ever Lived Howe. - Hall Of Fame 1972 - Gordie has a small wrinkle on the back of his card.
Have you been able to tell the difference between the 71-72 OPC and the 71-72 Topps?
No? That's because the only difference is on the backs. Silly.

Here we see the Topps Gordie As Close To God As You Can Get Howe...
and here's the back of the OPC Savard
Easy now, right? BTW, any tape you see is on the top loader, not the card itself. I hate, HATE peaople who put tape on top loaders. There is a special place in hell for people who put tape on top loaders.
If you've traded with me, you probably know that I recycle when I can. Bubble envelopes, top loaders, cases, etc... this is where all my top loaders that people send me with tape on them go. Yes. To you. Sorry. It's either that or throw them out.
That concludes Bargain Hunt 1 and a rant. All for $3.25
This next batch I got was all 1972-73 Topps Hockey. In beautiful condition. I should get these graded. Right after my lobotomy.

Yvan Cournoyer - Hall OF Fame 1982 -"The Road Runner" why don't current players have cool nicknames?
Yvan Cournoyer in action All Star card
Jacques Lemaire - Hall Of Fame 1984 -complete with printers dots and top loader tape.
Terry Harper - Terry was part of two huge trades, where the team trading Terry absolutely raped the other team.
Paul Henderson
What the HELL?!?! A Maple Leaf? How did a Maple Leaf get on this blog?!?! Well, it's Paul Henderson. A National Hero. That's how. If you don't know why Paul Henderson is a National Hero, then a Google you will go.
This lot was $3. I love this. I'm changing the way I collect because of this. We'll see how long it lasts.


shanediaz82 said...

Those are a couple of nice lots right there!

Dave said...

My goodness those cards are incredible.