Monday, November 9, 2009

New Hall of Famers

Today marks the day of induction for the NHL Class of 2009 Hall of Fame. We have five new members. Four players, and one in the builders catagory.

First up, the most deserving member. Steve Yzerman.
Three Stanley Cups as a player, one as an executive. An Olympic Gold Medal with Canada, Conn Smythe award winner, 9 time All Star, and hockey's 6th all time leading scorer.

Next, Luc Robitaille.
Calder Trophy winner, 8 time All Star, a Stanley Cup, and retires as the highest scoring Left Winger in hockey history.
Brett Hull.
He wasn't good enough to make the Flames roster, so they gave him away to St Louis. Oops.
Two Stanley Cups, 8 time All Star, Hart Trophy winner, and the third best goal-scorer of all time. The Golden Brett, son of Bobby, nephew of Dennis. Guess it is in the blood.
Calder, Norris, and Conn Smythe trophy winner, 8 time All Star, a Stanley Cup, along with an Olympic silver medal for Team USA. One of the top three best defencemen not born in Canada.
and finally, Lou Lamoriello.
Lou is the CEO, President, and General Manager of the New Jersey Devils. And has been since 1987. Lou is also very involved in giving back to college hockey in the U.S., as well as being involved in the U.S Olympic team.
There you have it. Certainly a lot more deserving class than last year.


Grand Cards said...

Stevie Y! Woo! Back in 1997 I really really wanted a Red Wings jersey for my birthday. I could pick whoever I wanted, Stevie, Federov, local rough-guy Darren McCarty etc. My dad advised me to get Yzerman. He was the least likely to be traded before his career was over and had already played many, many excellent seasons in Detroit. Done and done. It is still the jersey I wear to this day. Oh, and they won the Stanley Cup that season (1998).

A wonderfully deserving inductee.

shanediaz82 said...

Nice, I would've gone with the Fedorov and probably regretted it later!

night owl said...

That is one loaded Hall class.

Collective Troll said...

3 names I have actually heard AND they are ice monkeys? That is a loaded HOF class!

Captain Canuck said...

we prefer the term Frozen Yeti's

Hackenbush said...

You just can't stop those Hull boys! Dad Bobby is having the time of his life now that he's back in the Blackhawks fold. And a son in the HOF to boot.

gcrl said...