Tuesday, November 3, 2009

this is an Achievement

Awhile ago, and I do mean awhile ago, I received this box in my mailbox. It had warnings posted on all 6 sides.

Well, without looking I knew it had to be from Motherscratcher at Achiever Card Blog
I'm actually surprised it made it to my mailbox. Canada Post is known for a lot of things. Humour is not one of them.

After checking for traps, I sliced open the tape and opened the lid to see what was inside. A crowd had gathered by then. They tend to when I get out the portable home made x-ray machine.
Inside was around 300 misc. Braves from various sets and decades. I won't bore you non-Braves fans with them. Needless to say, they were awesome. And I was surprised at just how many I didn't already have. I might feature one or two of them in an upcoming post of their own.

Next up, the junk wax. Beautiful.

You may notice by looking at the picture closely, that the two packages of comic ball cards are merely wrappers. That's because the crowd immediately wrenched them from my hands with cries of "What's this?" and "Cool!"
All hell broke loose when one of the packs revealed this;

I've been searching the internet ever since for boxes of these at a good price with fair shipping. HA! Good luck to me.
After picking myself up off of the floor after getting trampled... I saw a glint from the bottom of the box. It was a top loader, under all of those Braves.
Scratcher had sent me this
it was a card from one of I am Joe Collectors box breaks. No. Scratcher does not have the Braves in the box breaks. He has the Dodgers. I have the Braves. This card went to him. Now he sent it to me. The world is right again.
Thanks dude! An awesome mailday. Sorry it took so long to post. I had to clean up and repair the anarchy that the comic ball cards caused.


wickedortega said...

When you going to post the stuff i sent ya?? i know it must be to hot to bring out in the snow huh? lol

Motherscratcher said...

Glad you liked them my Canadian Comrade. After I mailed it I thought that I probably shouldn't have written that stupid stuff on the side.

Tim said...

I love the Cylon figure guarding it!