Saturday, December 26, 2009


The World Junior Hockey Championships started today, as it does every year. Canada, looking to defend it's title, opened up against Latvia today.
Canada is looking for it's 6th straight championship. Yeah. I said sixth. We good.

Game one against Latvia, Canada wins 16-0*. LINK

Up next,
Dec 28 - Switzerland
Dec 29 - Slovakia
Dec 31 - United States

* for those bleeding hearts that think that there should be no winners or losers, just participants, understand that the tie breaker in the WJHC is goals for/against. Don't hate the player, hate the game.


Sal said... mean everybody doesn't get a trophy for just showing up?

dayf said...

You hockey addled fool, where's the cheerleader? I really look forward to these posts, you know.

You can post a hockey cheerleader, I don't mind.

Tim said...

16-0.... I think I would've had the water boy playing left wing at that point.

PatsCards said...

This is my first year being able to watch the WJC, and that just happened to be the first game I watched.

Now I understand why Canadiens understand hockey so much better than most of us down here in the States. You actually get to see how a system works when your boys dominate another team like that.