Monday, December 28, 2009

Part One

This year Santa had no problem finding our house. He left behind many wonderous things, from the questionable to the jaw dropping.
We start, with questionable. I give you, the Card Frame.
Measuring 24"x36" this metal frame is designed to hold 20 hard case one touch holders. And it even came with 16 collectable cards!
While the cool factor and uniqueness is high, the level of tackiness is borderline. I'm not usually one to display items like this, nor is my wife. But she gave it to me..... so who am I to judge?
Now the question is what cards to put in it? I'll have to see if there are any Braves team sets that number 19 cards while being a cool design.

Oh yeah, I know some of you are jealous at the 16 collectable cards I got FREE with this frame. If you're nice, I'll trade them to you. Just to spread the wealth.


Greg said...

I wonder what one of those goes for. It'd be kind of neat to put a player collection in those and line a basement wall with them, sort of like wallpaper. Or maybe it would be completely gaudy and the wife would punch me everytime she walked in the basement.

Joe S. said...

Ha, I saw these at Michaels. I can't remember what they sell for, but I don't remember thinking it was outrageous, and I certainly don't recall thinking that the price was "inflated" because of the sweet cards included.

Greg said...

These look pretty awesome, actually.

Just look at how the display case makes those 89 Topps cards come to life!

I Am The Average Joe said...

I've seen these before at Michaels. Almost picked one up for some of my TTM's

the sewingmachineguy said...

I all 19 Alan Trammell Topps base cards in one.
Also, when I did my card show, I set one up on a table easel with 20 auto cards in it.
My issue with this thing is; it will only hold a standard card, nothing thick.

G_Moses said...

I can imagine some RC refractors in those and not having it look gawdy.

I think that the vintage cardboard in it makes it look chaotic.

It'll look nice when you put a theme to it.

cynicalbuddha said...

That one hockey card looks so lonely.

Sal said...

That Tony Hrkac 2nd year card messes up the otherwise "all-baseball" design. Or does it make it better?

Sal said...

Ha ha, I just noticed the Ricky Jordan card. I remember that card being "worth" $2.75 and having 5 of them.

A team set would look cool in this. Maybe a 2005-06 Parkhurst Canuks set. Or a bunch of autographed cards.