Thursday, December 17, 2009

2 spots remaining....

My good buddy John form Old School Breaks is holding a multi box busting break party, and two of you are invited.
At the time of this posting, he still needs two more participants for yummy fullness. The great thing about John's breaks are that they are almost always from "the dark period" or, the time when I didn't even think about collecting. So I always see cool cards that I've never seen before.
Like this little beauty I received in the mail the other day from John.
I don't remember the Braves ever wearing blue pinstripes, but we'll go with it 'cause it's a sweet card.
So go over to Old School Box Breaks and sign up. Here's a list of what he's busting...

1 box 2004 Donruss World Series
1 box 2003 Donruss Elite
1 box 2002 Donruss Elite
1 box 2004 Donruss Studio
1 box 2001 Fleer Genuine
1 box 2002 Fleer Showcase
1 box 2002 Bowman’s Best

EDIT: break full up, thanks.

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dayf said...

The pinstripe was from an Atlanta Black Crackers Negro league throwback uniform they wore once. I thought about doing the break, but I already have a ton of this stuff and I would only be fighting you for the Braves anyway.