Thursday, December 10, 2009

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

or is it just me?

Story time... stay with me.

You decide that you absolutely have to have an item. Doesn't matter what. A card, a watch, an autographed ball, game used Phil Esposito socks, whatever. You want it. You NEED it.
Being the suave, savvy, internet buyer that you are, you set a price of what it's worth to you and you set off for the World Wide Web.
Through the various auction sites you find that a fair price for your item is $20. Anything under that is golden. You seek, you find, you bid.
You don't win.
Repeat again. Your item is going well over your $20 limit.
Then you miss an auction, or three.
All three sell for between $9 and $15.
Scouring the sites, You seek, you find, you lose.
The next 4 auctions you watch sell for around $30.
You get frustrated. You ignore it for a couple of weeks.
Six different sales happen while you were gone for under $15.
Anxious, you bid again.
And again.
Five more go for over $30.

Does this sound familiar? I have been trying to get this for over a year. It has sold over 45 times in that span. I have watched and or bid on 25 of them. None went for less than $24. The other 20? 19 of them less than $16, one went for $19.
Who the hell has bugged my computer?

If any of you want to sell something and get good money for it, let me know and I'll bid on it. It'll be sure to skyrocket out of my range.


Drew said...

Yep, that recently happened to me. I wanted this 2009 Allen & Ginter Cano bat card because it's a super short printed relic and is pretty rare. I missed out on opportunities for a chance to get the card at 10 bucks. Next thing you know the Yankees win the World Series and the card is selling for 20-25 dollars. I put an end to my anger last week when I got it for about 15 bucks. Hope that falls under your situation. Drew

Justin G. said...

Bummer. I'm just getting back into the Ebay game so I haven't had any dissapointments yet, but I'm sure I will...

Oh and if you need those Esposito socks let me know he's always wandering around the Ice Palace and I'm sure wouldn't mind signing a pair of dirty socks!

Sooz said...

When you see something you want like that, put in a saved search on eBay and every time the card or item comes up, you will get an email.

Trust me. It works out. Then you watch the item on eBay and you won't miss it.

Hackenbush said...

I can't give you specifics but your story sounds familiar. Ebay can be great sometimes and then drive you crazy. Hope your luck turns. I got a deal the other day on a BIN when I searched for a set of Obaks on a whim. You never know.

cynicalbuddha said...

Yep I've wanted a 1992 Leaf Legends Series Robin Yount Numbered to 10000 forever and everytime I bid I always get out bid on it. I'm not even sure how much it's worth but I've seen them go for over 20 bucks. Anywho finally got mine and cheap too I stole one for 4 bucks. Yahooooo! Only took 2 years to add it to my collection.

Anonymous said...

Not recently, but yes it has happened. I remember trying win something, getting outbid a few times and then giving up ... only to see copies I didn't try for selling below what I was willing to spend.

NicoLax24 said...

That sucks but it definitely happens to everyone! The world is screwy that way

Sal said...

You must really want those Esposito socks.

And yes, it happens to all of us.

Collecting is a waiting game.

Anonymous said...

I been there. No Gail Kim printing plate or unnumbered Kosuke Fukudome '08 A&G rookie for me... *le sigh* :(