Friday, February 3, 2012

The best Super Bowl commercial and you may not see it

Some people only watch the Super Bowl for the halftime commercials. These people are what I like to call, nuts in the head. But whatever.
For a lot of Canadians, they do not get tto see the commercials as we are not allowed to watch them due to Canadian content laws. Only those of us with satellite dishes AND high definition receivers can see them, as the standard def channels are 'piggy backed' with Canadian content commercials.
Budweiser has taken pity on us poor Canucks. And since we drink more beer than the Yanks do, why not?
Bud has made a Canadian exclusive Super Bowl commercial that will nto be seen on American tv. It features........ hockey. What else?

This was real. Two teams who had no idea what was going to happen. They played the whole game in front of a packed house of screaming fans with in between period mascot entertainment. Just like at the NHL level.
For a lot of thses guys, it was their first ever taste of playing in front of a crowd since having their parents watch them. To read some of their interviews it was a night they will never forget.
Good job Budweiser.


Reivax said...

That was pretty cool, thanks for showing it!

night owl said...

What an awesome idea and commercial.

I already know that is better than anything I'll see on Sunday.

dayf said...

Shoot, that commercial will probably be better than the actual game...

1967ers said...

That's fantastic (saw half of this tonight on the tube)!

I even know that arena. I park near it whenever we go down to the waterfront.