Thursday, February 16, 2012

Joy of a Completed Page - One Card Challenge Edition

Most of you know, or should know, about Night Owl's One Card Challenge. I've written about it here once before. This is success number two for me. And I've helped three people. A pretty good idea if you ask me.
I had listed this Dale Murphy card and ironically, Owl had it himself. While I'm not collecting the '83 Topps set, I am collecting the '83 Topps Atlanta Braves team set. For which I am now done. I think. I'll explain that at the end.... first the card.

 Now the set.... forgive the cropping. My scanner was in a mood this morning.
 Remember when Joe Torre couldn't manage??? The Dodgers found out first hand. I wonder how he did so well with the Yankees? What's that? A billion dollars over the salary cap every year? Oh. That explains that.
 Four different uniform combinations on one page. Who says the Pirates had all the fun?
 Now here's where it gets hinky.... Dale gets slotted in his page, next to the Super Veteran inserts and above the traded set.
 Now I use Teamsets4u as a checklist. Most of you do. But it does not list those sneaky Super Veteran inserts, nor any other non-base like leader cards. So really, I think I'm done, but I have no idea.

Owl also sent this rookie card from a set I've never heard of. It's not flagship, nor series 2, nor Updates and Highlights...... again, no idea what it's from. I MUST start paying attention to this kind of thing soon.
 We all know Owl's favourite set is Bowman, and he was kind enough to share a card with me. It's green and shiny and xfractory....
 Speaking of green, I also got a mini from the Lineage set. My FIRST MINI from that set!!! And from the mini master too.... Maybe I'll be able to get the other Braves mini's from Lineage soon. If anyone has any....
 and a '75 mini. The original mini. I'm close to my team set on these as well.... although this one is a dupe. But I'll trade him for one I need. Love that warm up jacket under the jersey look.
 I also got this sparkly wonder.
No idea why, except for a nagging feeling that I had requested it or something.... I have to start writing this stuff down...

Thanks Owl!


hiflew said...

I used to originally set up my team sets as well, but they miss all the inserts and such as well. I also use Beckett's site to supplement that info. It is also not perfect, but the two together seems to work out well.

CaptKirk42 said...

If it's any consolation those Super Vets cards were the next numbered card following that player's regular card. I think the criteria for a "Super Vet" was a player with a minimum of 10 years at the Major's under his belt. There were 35 Super Vet Cards.

Here is the list of players with a Super Vet card I had made for a want-list post I have over at TCC when I was building the Super-Vet Subset. The card number is their regular card number as I said the Super-Vet number was the next card.

17 Kent Tekulve
35 Rollie Fingers
60 Johnny Bench
70 Steve Carlton
100 Pete Rose
145 Don Sutton
150 Bruce Sutter
160 Dave Kingman
178 Luis Tiant
200 Rod Carew
230 Fergie Jenkins
240 Rich Gossage
255 Gene Garber
282 Reggie Smith
300 Mike Schmidt
333 Dave LaRoche
360 Nolan Ryan
377 Lee May
406 Steve Carlton AS
407 Bruce Sutter AS
410 Phil Neikro
420 Al Oliver
450 Ted Simmons
463 Gaylord Perry
490 Jim Palmer
500 Reggie Jackson
510 Tug McGraw
550 Carl Yastrzemski
580 Tom Seaver
603 Joe Morgan
635 Graig Nettles
672 Jim Kaat
693 Sparky Lyle
715 Tony Perez
735 Tommy John
740 Rusty Staub
782 Bobby Murcer

AdamE said...

Teamsets4u lists the LL cards but it doesn't put them in with the team. They are listed at the very bottom under all the other teams. You probably never noticed because Atlanta Braves are at the top.

bamlinden said...

That Joe Torre card is awesome.

Growing up, living in Canada, I did the OPC version. It was a smaller set and as a result - no managers cards.

And I remember those Super Veterans cards - fantastic stuff. My fave from back in the day was Kent Tekulve. Those Pirates hats were deadly.

night owl said...

You actually did request the Anderson card. I was shocked, that's why I remember.

I'll have to check my '83 set and see if there were any Braves leaders. I can't imagine who might be in there besides Murphy.

night owl said...

Murphy makes a small photo appearance on card #703. RBI Leaders.