Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Cardboard Bowman...

My buddy Marie sent me a nice stack of cards a couple of weeks back. And with Marie, you can always be assured of getting a good helping of Bowman. Which is cool, because I happen to like Bowman. I know a lot of you don't... but when you compare it to Topps, it comes out on top quite easily.
The only gripe I have is I can never figure out what subsets go into what year.... it gets confusing when you have a stack of black border and white bordered Bowman cards from the last 4 years....
But then again, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed either.

So if you will I'll show you a smattering of what Marie sent. And no, it's not all Bowman. Promise.

First up some Bowman Chrome Braves

 these chrome don't curl up like pringles... which is nice.
I always wondered why companies show a guy who always hits 40+ homers fielding on his baseball card... I guess it's like showing Greg maddux batting...
 I may be in love with our pitching staff this year. Just sayin'... Good Luck Cleveland.
 My boy Kimbrel!
 And again! This time in Topps Finest. Except it's not..... finest. I miss Finest from back in the day. Bring back the Electric Boogaloo colour schemes that made your eyes bleed.
 Fabulous Freddie
 Julio... I don't know if that's a schoolyard in the background...
 Our pitching is soooo good. Randall may not make the team.
 the best catcher in the game, BMac!
 and of course, CHIPPAH!!!!
 Yes Craig, you just struck out another one.... BTW, since I do read the backs of my baseball cards, I hope you do, too.... This one told me that Craig set the Braves record for K's per 9 innings with 17.42.
That, my friends, is sexy. Forget about the long ball.
A 2011 shiny Chip, not from Topps Chrome or Bowman Chrome.....  uh, ok.
 My very first liquorfractors!!!!
 There's my boy again! I think I may have to start a pc of Kimbrel. Yeah, I know. That's just what Canuck needs. Another pc.
 The lefty version of Kimbrel. Jonny Venters. I hope the coach takes it a little easier of the bullpen this year.
 A Bowman Platinum Matt Lipka. One of two SS hopefuls in the pipeline. I think the job has been given to Tyler Pastornicky already. Hey. He can't be worse than SeaBass was last year. Good Luck Milwaukee.
 Tier One Chipper. Wow. Glad I didn't break any of this stuff. But it still goes perfectly into the Chipper binders. Yes, I said binders. Plural.
 And this little beauty reminds me of old school Finest. It looks like one of those weekly giveaways from your local cardshop. Your local cardshop, not mine. Mine gives away Tim Thomas.
Thanks for sticking with me to the end... and thanks for the cards Marie!


Cardhobbyist said...

I'm itching to see the Braves get the season started

Ryan said...

Awesome batch of Braves! Focus on a reduction in appearances for both Kimbrel and "play me Every Day" Venters seems to be top priority for both Coaches and our hurlers this spring.....

Let's hope it sticks and the bats come alive early and often!

bamlinden said...

I like the overall designs of baseball cards. Maybe even more so than hockey.

There are some great cards in the mix.

Looking forward to seeing more.