Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twenty Five Cent Heaven

I've been in money conservation mode the last couple of weeks. Decided to start saving for a big purchase. But that does not mean I can't raid the .25 cent binder at a cardshow.

I also hit up the 15 for a dollar box too, but I'll post about that later..... probably.... maybe...

But first the quarter cards.

A NRMNT 1972 Topps Jose Pena of the Dodgers. Why did I buy a Dodger? Because he was .25 cents. That's why. Around these parts if you see a 1972 Topps card for .25 cents, you buy it. It doesn't matter if aren't collecting Dodgers or the set.
 A 2009 SPA Kris Medlen rookie... I think I need it. I haven't checked yet and my lists aren't that detailed yet.
 from the same set, a gold parallel of Javy Vazquex numbered to /299
 2010 A&G Mike Dunn rookie. I thought I needed it. I didn't. Whoops. On the plus side, this made me make a wantlist for A&G. From 2006 to 2011. So now I know exactly what I need and what I don't. Well, for Ginter anyways.
 2011 Bowman Randall Delgado Topps 100 insert. I thought I needed it and I did! One for me!
 The final baseball .25 cent treasure was this 2007 Bowman blue parallel /500. Doesn't matter if I had it already... I have a soft spot for Smoltzie.
For all you hockey fans, I'll have some more .25 cent glory up on my other blog later tonight. But even if you're not hockey card fans, it has to do with fights and Enforcers..... and everyone loves hockey fights.


bamlinden said...

Quarter binders are awesome....but 15 for a buck boxes are even better.

Looking forward to it.


Some pretty nice 2-bit cards there ! I would have bought the Dodger.

Hackenbush said...


night owl said...

Actually, it's a little bit difficult to find a '72 Pena that isn't drastically off-center. So nice work!