Monday, May 28, 2012


as in trade night booty. Reminds me of ZZ Top. So why don't you listen to some great music while reading some posts? at the last trade night, I scored some baseball cards out of a largely hockey world. Lucky you gets to see them. Fabulous Freddie Freeman on some sort of Bowman parallel. The flag looks pretty good on black. Maybe it's time to make an amendment and add black to the red, white and blue. Change is good.

Speaking of change, Braves draft pick Matt Lipka has been switched from SS to CF and is currently learning his new position at high 'A' Lynchburg. While his defence has been outstanding, his hitting has suffered. Here's hoping he relocates his bat.

and why not finish off with a super shiny jersey card of Mike Minor? I could use this thing as a mirror.

All in all some pretty cool additions to my Braves collection. Now if the song has finished, go ahead and hit 'repeat.' It's okay. You know you want to.

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