Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Opening Day contest Bonus Packs

Can you believe it? The last pack posting of this infernal thing. We are on to the bonus round. There are no bonuses, just a few late entries and I didn't have enough packs. So I improvised. Instead of 2011 Topps Opening Day, which I couldn't find any more of, we'll raid the .50 cent bin at the cardshop and use 2006 Topps Opening Day.
with GUM!!!!!!!
Yummy gum.

Today's contestants are, (and for my sanity, we're doing all 6 of them in one post), Dodgerbobble, cynicalbuddha, Fan of Reds, Adam E., Jafronius, and commishbob.

Bonus pack 1

Jon Garland - the blue foil doesn't really scan well, but it's bright blue. Believe me. 0 pts
Fausto Carmona - not the real Fausto Carmona though. 0 pts
Russ Adams - he won a Topps rookie Cup and disappeared forever. 0 pts
Mickey Mantle - again, a dead guy in an Opening Day set? -2 pts
Mariano Rivera - whammy! -2 pts
B.J. Ryan - B.J. retired too soon. 0 pts

PACK TOTAL : -4 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 0 pts

Bonus pack 2
Joe Saunders - squint into my eyes..... you are getting sleepy.... 0 pts
Craig Breslow - how many uni combinations do the Pads have, anyways? 0 pts
Roy Oswalt - that looks more like he's tossing it to the umpire... 0 pts
Morgan Ensberg - snap that elbow! yeah! 0 pts
Khalil Greene - double Padre Pack! 0 pts
Roy Halladay - enjoying the green green grasses of Dunedin. 0 pts

PACK TOTAL : 0 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 0 pts

Bonus pack 3
Fan of Reds
Andruw Jones - 27 Gold Gloves! +2 pts
Paul McAnulty - I have no idea who this is. 0 pts
Carlos Delgado - a Met! Boo! -1 pt
Adam Dunn - Favourite team! +2 pts
Shannon Stewart - Troll posts a better Shannon Stewart. 0 pts
Darrell Rasner - a National! Double Boo! -1 pt

PACK TOTAL : 2 pts   BONUS TOTAL : 4 pts

Bonus pack 4
Adam E.
Garrett Atkins - too bad that wasn't a pizza ad. 0 pts
Chuck James - a Brave!!  +2 pts
Charlton Jimerson - who? 0 pts
Travis Hafner - Tribe or No Tribe.... Tribe!  0 pts
Hank Blalock - two hands! 0 pts
Brad Penny - he needs bigger pants. 0 pts

PACK TOTAL : +2 pts   BONUS TOTAL : 12 pts

Bonus pack 5
Albert Pujols - goes to a league with weaker pitching and forgets how to hit. Classic. 0 pts
Walter Young - Walter is now playing right guard for the Ravens. 0 pts
John Koronka - Favourite team! +2 pts
Andy Pettitte - he even looks old in this picture. 0 pts
Ryan Garko - a catcher running. Seriously? 0 pts
Paul Lo Duca - a catcher in full gear, +2 pts, but he's a Met, -1 pt  Total +1 pt

PACK TOTAL : 3 pts   BONUS TOTAL : 8 pts

Bonus pack 6
Rafael Furcal - I think Raffy is trying to hit Bonds in the head. 0 pts
Barry Bonds - posing in front of his fans. 0 pts
Derek Jeter - a stinkin' Yankee. -2 pts
Jeff Francis - purple pinstripes. Yikes. 0 pts
Curt Schilling - man does he look old. 0 pts
Dan Johnson - why wear the shades if you don't flip them down???? 0 pts

PACK TOTAL : -2 pts   BONUS TOTAL : 0 pts

The final packs are up! You have until Thursday afternoonish to get any last bonus points. Then I'll post the final results.


bamlinden said...

Those cards are mascots.


Greg Zakwin said...

Adam Dunn fielding. Probably should have pictured him with the lumber.

Play at the Plate said...

You know you've got some boring photography when the best shot is a guy fielding a grounder...with two hands.

Jafronius said...

No mascots or inserts in the 2006 packs, eh? Oh well, they are bonus packs.

Would have thought I would have gotten a bonus point for my 'za of choice, as other contestants got a +1 for meat lovers.

Thanks for the contest again, Captain, and again I just want to confirm if you got my e-mail. I was expecting more bonus points, but maybe I interpreted the scoring wrong!

night owl said...

'06 Opening Day takes me back. I found so much of that stuff in repacks that year, I almost completed the entire set.

I love the blue foil (and the rarer red foil). If you're gonna have foil, make it colorful.

AdamE said...

Crap. Shut out of Red Sox in my pack. At least I didn't get any negative points for yankees and I had fun looking up pictures for bonus points. (check your email again by the way...)

Dave H said...

Gotta love the stubby gum!

dawgbones said...

What a wild and crazy game! the Braves earned that one!! The Phillies lost that game 4 times!!

The Angels In Order said...

Joe Saunders. Too bad it didn't work out Joe.

Morgan said...

Poor Dodgerbobble, that bonus round was mean.

Kazi said...

graet contest--thanks for hosting--it was fun

Commishbob said...

Wait... Furcal is throwing at Barry's huge noggin and the other four obligingly look the other way. I figured I'd get a few bonus points for that at least.

But I do have to admit I like the Bonds card. The pose is very Barry-esque don'tcha think?

This was fun, thanks.

Captain Canuck said...

no more bonus points for this post

Cory said...

So, was the gum consumed?