Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cardboard swapping - Vintage style.

The other day I mentioned this post would be Dodger style, now I say it's vintage style. Which is it? Glad you asked. It's vintage style, featuring cards from two different Dodger bloggers. I know there's like 47 different Dodger bloggers out there now... but today we'll focus on just two.
First we have cards from g.c.r.l. He sent me a large stack of cards off of my Topps Braves wantlists from 1994-99, as well as a smattering of current faves. As a nice surprise, he also included two cards from long ago. I won't subject you to scans of 1995 Terrell Wade rookies. But I will show you these:
1975 colourful goodness
and look! Not a mark on it. How does a card like this ever survive? Someone must  have just pack pulled it a week ago or something.....
gcrl also included this beauty.
From 1957. This is technically a Team Card, not a Team Checklist as there is no checklist on the back.
Thanks for hitting up the wantlists Jim! I'll have a return volley your way soon....

Those of you who read night owl's blog, may have seen a post he did upon the completion of his 1971 Topps set. I was able to help him out and send him the last card he needed, #630 Roberto Clemente.

In return, owl sent me some random Braves, including a perfectly round Chipper Jones, as well as some older cardboard.

1962 Mack Jones.
Mack was coming off his rookie year, so I guess that's why he got the painted/airbrush/photoshop treatment. But Mack was damn happy to be there!
Then a few '71's to cap things off.
#306 Jim Nash
#359 Ron Reed, rocking the warm up jacket under the jersey look as he casually winds up to pitch while surrounded by chain link fence on all sides.
#374 Clete Boyer. Clete looks like he's batting while standing on the backstretch at Talledega in front of the catch fence.

#494 Braves rookies Garr and Kester. Ralph Garr played 13 seasons in the bigs including 8 with Atlanta. Rick Kester pitched 40 2/3 innings over parts of 3 seasons with a 0-0 record and a 5.98 ERA.
#587 Sonny Jackson. Sonny rocks the eyewear on the front, but plays it cool and casual on the back. You'll have to take my word for it.

#605 Orlando Cepeda. Orlando is winding down his career here. Next year he begins a four team, four year road to retirement. The Braves trade him to Oakland for Denny McLain.
#668 Gary Neibauer. I think this is a High Number!!! (not needed capital letters, but I don't care) Gary pitched in 75 games with a 4-8 record and a 4.78 ERA over his 5 year career. Nowadays, that line is of your least used pitcher during the season.

Thank you gentlemen! These are much appreciated and wanted.


Jeff Wilk said...

That 57 Braves is cherry. No gaudy Don Cherry cherry, but pretty cherry cherry.

Oh hell - that Braves is pretty....


night owl said...

You're welcome. And thanks again.

I still say there are more Braves bloggers.

bamlinden said...

Rocking the eyewear on the front and cool and casual in the back.........what does that even mean?

You baseball guys are weird.

gcrl said...

happy to help. i have another short stack of braves ready to head your way. lucky for you i don't know any of the other braves bloggers night owl is talking about.