Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Allen & Ginter, a first look. No, really!

Those of you who think I've lost it can relax. I know Ginter has flooded the interwebs since it came out, but this is my first look at it.
I didn't buy any boxes... no packs... not even a rack pack from WallyWorld. Nothing.
So when a couple of trades came up, I felt it was time. I'd waited long enough. It is, after all, mid-September.
The very first Ginter card from 2012 that I saw was Fabulous Freddie Freeman from my pal night owl.
 Isn't it special?

Next up came a few more from Nachos Grande....

Craig "the best closer in all of baseball" Kimbrel
 there's Freddie again...
 Tommy Hanson. That isn't a chin under Tommy's beard, but Craig Kimbrel waiting to jump out and strike out the side.
 Martin Prado, Mr Everything.
 Brian McCann. How many injuries can one guy have in one year???? Someone call Guiness.
 and Chipper Jones. Someone decided to try and erase Chipper's head. Must've been a Met's fan.
So thanks for the cards guys.... but colour me unimpressed Topps. This set is dying from blahness. The checklist is still cool and the set has it's place in the hobby, but Topps needs to stop putting out the same old crap and expecting us to fork over million$.

Of course, that being said, the hypocrite in me still needs a few cards for my team set. If any of you have any extras, let me know.

I still need....

#22 Jair Jurrjens
#76 Michael Bourn
#116 Brandon Beachy
#139 Tim Hudson
#247 Hank Aaron
#257 Dan Uggla
#317 Jason Heyward

plus the mini's of course. I have no mini's!!!! Someone mini me!

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