Saturday, September 1, 2012

Premier League contest, Week 3. Join in the fun.

Ok, before we get to the pictures.... NO SCROLLING! I must remind people to get in their responses BEFORE the monday 3pm MST deadline.
I'll let it slide this week, but not anymore.

On with the fun.

American Keeper Angela Piccolo wants you to know she thinks that the USA is #1!

English left back Jennifer Korbin is just happy to be here.

Brazillian midfielder Miki Twining is unfortunately an only child. We asked.

New Zealand All Black's Captain Zoe Gregory is ready for duty.

and we have our first insert. Hi number Buffy Tyler. Buffy. There aren't enough girls named Buffy.

on to our updated leaderboard... We welcome Jackplumstead to the game.... and notice that dayf is really getting to know all of the Keepers.

Since Reading and Chelsea don't play this weekend, Richard, or any newcomer who wants to follow either of those clubs, just a pick a random game and report that one instead for this week.

If you're new and want to play, choose a favourite English Premier League team, and every weekend post the score of their game, and at least one goal scorer from the match. (either side) IF the match ends 0-0, then give me the score and the names of the two starting Keepers.


Adam E - Liverpool - 6pts
Chuck's Used Cards - Liverpool - 6 pts
Dan - Newcastle - 6pts
dayf - Arsenal - 6pts
Kazi - Southampton - 6pts
Play at the Plate - Queen's Park Rangers - 6pts
FanOfReds - Manchester United - 4pt
Richard Nebe Jr. - Reading - 3pts
The Dutch Card Guy - Tottenham - 3pts
Jackplumstead - Fulham - 3pts
Commishbob - Manchester united - 2pt


jackplumstead said...

West Ham United 3 Fulham 0 Matthew Taylor (West Ham United) left footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner following a set piece situation, utilising Andy Carrolls height. Typical Sam Allardyce!

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Spurs norwich 1-1, dembele scores for the spurs !

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Spurs will have a difficult time now that van der vaart has moved to hamburg, big blow in my view

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Liverpool lose to Arsenal 0:2. Podolski and Cazorla for the Gooners.

AThis maybe the only place Liverpool will be at the top of the table.

Dan said...

Newcastle draws with Aston Villa 1-1. Hatem Ben Arfa scores the equaliser.

Play at the Plate said...

I'll try not to push it again...sorry.

I think I may have picked a poor team, but I stuck with the Texas Rangers through a lot of losing seasons, so I can hang with the Queens Park Rangers. They lost to Man City, 3-1. Yaya Toure got Man City on the board first. Bobby Zamora tied it for QPR, but barely two minutes later, Edin Dzeko broke the tie and it was over.

Bobby Zamora is the only Ranger to score through three games so he might have to be my favorite player.

Kazi said...

Man U 3
Robin van Persie hat-trick

Southampton 2

Commishbob said...

Persie with all three goals in a Man U 3-2 win over Southampton. I read something about him being upset that he missed a penalty shot? I have the match dvr'd and want to see that.

dayf said...

Lukas Podolski with the goal for the Gooners!
And that cazorla dude. I don't have his card.
Arsenal 2 - Liverpudlians nil

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Tottenham tied with Norwich 1-1 Dembele scores for Tottenham, Snodgrass scores for Norwich, I worked with a guy named Snodgrass, first name Roger though.

Or I could report on last week's game since I missed it!! Reading lost to Chelsea 4-2. Pogrebnyak scored for Reading.

AdamE said...

As long as the deadline is Monday and not Tuesday I'm probably going to lose. Maybe next week....