Thursday, May 16, 2013

by popular request.....

at the April trade night, the owner of the shop called me over and handed me this.
As most of us know, these box toppers from 2013 Heritage are a wee see-through. For the box he opened for pack sales, he saved this for me for being "the resident Braves guy".
Oooohhh..... who could it be? I flipped over to the back, and could see a partial number. 50?
I could only see the first two digits. Could it be #500?? Topps puts stars on those even numbers! Could it be Hank Aaron?!?! Was Hank #500?!??!
Open it!!!
It was not #500.
It was not Hank Aaron.
It was.....
A very beat up Bobby Bragan. Card #506
This baby is warped, has a few creases, and has no idea what the word 'corner' means. It's almost oval.


I happen to need this card for my Braves team set. So it will fit nicely in my binder until a replacement without that gold shield comes along.

And I think..... card #506 was card #1 of the sixth series of seven in 1964. So it's kind of a high number. Someone may no better... let me know.

Either way, it's ALWAYS a good day to add a '64 Brave to the old collection.
Thanks Darren!

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Fuji said...

It's no Aaron... but it's still pretty sweet (especially since it's a freebie). It's nice to see dealers taking care of their customers. Congratulations.