Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The colour of the day..... is purple.

Today's post is brought to you by.... the colour purple. And the number 9.
For there are 9 different purple cards I want to show you. Everything made sense when you were a kid. I'm not sure what happens to change all that or why.

Here, we like it simple. Some might call me simple. I've been called worse. But I digress.

I came across an online seller who had a card I wanted. Before buying it, I looked to see what else he had. This is why this post has 9 cards, and not 1.

I, like a lot of you, have a weakness for Topps Chrome coloured parallels. Orange may be my favourite. But if you've been paying attention, you'll know that today, we're talking purple.

Craig Kimbrel. I also have the black version of this card. Still need blue, red, orange, etc... etc..
Brian McCann. This one scans really well.
Tommy Hanson. I miss Tommy. I wonder how's he doing on the left coast? A quick check shows he's leading the Angels in wins and ERA (for starters). Good for you Tommy!
Brian Snitker. No. Wait. Dan Uggla.
The entire Braves team. It should be Michael Bourn. Find Jason Heyward.... then look down.
Brandon Beachy. I hope he's back soon.... think how good the first place Braves would be with him back pitching. Woot!
Andrelton Simmons. He threw some guy out at first from the outfield grass while sitting on his butt last night. Awesome.
Tyler PastorIwontplayaslongasAndreltonishealthynicky
and the card that started all of this, my old pal and fave, Adam LaRoche.
Not too shabby for $7.50 shipped.

Now I just have to find the rest of the Braves team set in purple. And Orange. And red... blue... black...

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Michael Chase said...

Nice! I love seeing so much purple-ey goodness all in one post!