Saturday, May 18, 2013

Premier League Contest - Match 38

Welcome to the last (probably) weekend of matches. Match 38. To me, that was one quick season.
Many highlights, some lowlights, but a great season all round.

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Thank you Amanda, you may go now....

Not a lot to play for this weekend. Only one lone spot battle for Champion's League play.

Let's look at the table.

Man Utd 3788
Man City 3778
Chelsea 3772
Arsenal 3770
Tottenham 3769
Everton 3763
Liverpool 3758
West Brom 3748
Swansea 3746
West Ham 3743
Stoke 3741
Norwich 3741
Newcastle 3741
Southampton 3740
Fulham 3740
Aston Villa 3740
Sunderland 3739
Wigan 3735
Reading 3728
QPR 3725

The battle is between Arsenal and Tottenham. There can be only one. heh... Mathematically, Chelsea could be the one to miss out, but they would have to lose to Everton, while Arsenal wins AND Tottenham beats Sunderland by 17 goals.

I wonder what Vegas is giving on those odds. Even IF you won that bet, you'd never collect. Vincent Savino would have you buried under a cactus somewhere near Area 51.

So the eyes will be on Arsenal/Newcastle and Tottenham/Sunderland.  My bet is that both clubs win and the Spurs just miss out yet again.

In other matches, Sir Alex watches over his last game as Manchester United vist The Hawthorns to play West Bromwich Albion.
Elsewhere we say goodbye to Wigan, Reading, and Queen's Park Rangers.
Next season will see new participants Cardiff City, Hull City, and the winner of the Crystal Palace vs Watford match on the 25th.

All matches are on Sunday, so please post your final results on/by Monday evening.

GO United!

OH! I almost forgot. There could be a tie for the final Champion's League position. Should Chelsea draw with Everton, AND Arsenal win by exactly 2 goals, Chelsea and Arsenal will have to play a playoff game to decide the position sometime this coming week at neutral ground. (Villa Park has been chosen)

Example, if Chelsea and Everton draw 1-1, and Arsenal beats Sunderland 3-1, then we will have a tie because the only tie breaker used is goal differential.
Not likely, but still possible.


dayf said...

Laurent Koscielny with the goal to clinch 4th, Arsenal 1 - Newcastle 0.

Not gonna lie, Bale's late goal scared me to death

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Kevin Nolan finds the net for West Ham, followed shortly later by a second goal by Ricardo Vaz Te. Then we have virtually back to back goals for Reading by Garath McCleary and Adam LeFondre. Unfortunately for Reading, those were the final goals of the season for them as the final two goals of the game belonged to West Ham's Kevin Nolan for a final score of West Ham 4 to Reading 2.

Commishbob said...

MU 5 West Brom 5

What? Did Man U play their U-15 team?