Sunday, August 30, 2009


My most humble apologies to all those who have been kind enough to send packages, as well as emails that I have let go unanswered.

Particularly Justin from Tampa Bay Sports, Derek from Hey That's Mine, Alfredo from It's My Pastime, Jack the Baseball Dad, David from Tribecards and Jim from GCRL.

Things have been busy / hectic, whatever the excuse you would like. I'll get to you. Soon.


Dean Family said...

I was actually not minding your absence of posting. It allowed the cheerleader to stay visible just that much longer. LOL!


Not a problem ! I'm still trying to catch up myself!

night owl said...

I'll second what Dean Family said.

Captain Canuck said...

apparently I need to make friday "cheerleader of the week" day???

Justin G. said...

I got your cards today. Old school hockey packs kick &$$.

Thank you!

Justin G.