Wednesday, August 19, 2009

eBay help

How do you report a scam ebay seller?

I bid on three autograph cards the other day, all numbered to /25 or less... and was about to win them all. Then a buyer with zero feedback came in and won them all with astronomical bids at the last minute. The seller only had around 12 things for sale at the time.
Five days later, the same seller has the same three autographed cards #/25 for sale again.

How do I report this cocknocker to eBay???


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Man, that sucks.

From my experience reporting buyers who scammed me, I can only say that you're probably on you own and the folks at ebay won't do anything.

Motherscratcher said...

Yeah, that sucks. Something similar happened to me once. I didn't report it because I didn't know how, and I doubted anything would be done anyway.

Doc said...

Sounds like they weren't getting the price they wanted, so they were outbidding everyone to retain the cards, or hoping someone would outbid their "price". I'd keep an eye on the cards and see if it happens again. If you've got more than one example of this, it may help your case.

Good luck!

LivingDedMan said...

Definitely report it. They will look into it. I've reported scammers before and they take care of business. I've even been suspended before for a minor infraction. They don't screw around if there's proof. Report to them the old and new listing numbers of the auctions and they'll put foot to ass.

Motherscratcher said...

If what LivingDedMan says is accurate (and I have no reason to think that it is not) then definately report them.

And keep us up to date on what happens.

And, buy more denim.

Tim said...

They will not do anything at all about it. I've had that happen on a few Adam Lind cards I had bids on and the guy canceled the auctions as I was going to make out dirt cheap on the auto's. The S.O.B. canceled them out at the last frick'n minute. He had them up for sale 4 hours later and emailed "fleabay" and they did nothing. I had over 851 positive transactions and 100% on all sales. I quit them in Feb.