Monday, August 24, 2009

mini guessing game

Mark from Stats on the Back, despite being a Mets fan, is a pretty good guy. But he had me guessing on his latest package.
Included was a complete set of Score "Do You Remember" inserts from 1988. It was Score's version of Topps gum, or Fleer stickers, little half sized lenticular inserts.
If you pick up your monitor and tilt it up and down, you'll see why these are so cool.
Go ahead, try it.

Also, Mark included one card. One. A 1973 Topps John Hiller of the Detroit Tigers. Now here is where the guessing game begins. Now, I established that Mark is a Mets fan. That usually means that person is not too bright. But Mark is. I know. He can spell and everything. But why would I get a card of Detroit Tigers relief pitcher?
I stared at this card for about 5 minutes wondering..... do any of you know?

I love the wistful look as John gazes off into the distance... not to mention the two dudes hanging out in the background...

But those are not the reasons.

Give up?

Aw yeah baby!

Thanks Mark!


MattR said...

Mr. Hiller had a nice career. His cards are usually in the "commons" boxes, but they're nice ones to have.

Collective Troll said...

that is awesome!!! i so want a card that says someones nickname is troll! unless its dustin pedroia-dude is a troll!