Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Football!

No. Not for you. For me! Joe from Priceless Pursuit was offering some free football cards. You know football is my favourite. (and free don't hurt neither..)
All in all I ended up with 6 Troy Aikmans, 7 John Elways, a Roy Williams, and a Tony Romo. Along with two hijackers. More on that later.
Some highlights;
Collectors Edge Gold Logo
Aikman handing off to Emmitt. Damn I miss that.

Troy dropping back to beat the Giants. Again.
Here's where the first hijacker comes in... on the front, Troy Aikman.... on the back we have
Kerry Collins? Okay. Whatever.
John wants to play that game too....
on the front...
and on the back we get....
Warren Moon. Okay. A solid QB. It would've been better in his Houston uniform though. Or his Edmonton one. That would've been sweet!
John Elway rocking the retro...
Classic die cut-jo!

and my man Tony! If you look in the background, you'll see that Tony is celebrating the winning touchdown over Indianapolis two years ago.
My wife was not amused. She won the Super Bowl that year, but I won head-to-head. You can bet which one of us does the most trash talking. Awww Yeah!

Thanks Joe!

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Glad you liked 'em!