Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Hail The Cobra! Gary Simmons!

My latest TTM success is from former NHL goaltender, Gary "The Cobra" Simmons.
Gary was nice enough to personalize the photo I sent, along with signing two cards.
A 75/76 Topps...
and a 78/79 OPC.
Gary registered a shutout in his very first NHL game against Atlanta 10/11/74.
Gary was also nice enough to send a hand written letter to me thanking me for my interest in his career and answering a couple of questions I had asked him in my fan letter.
I asked Gary about what it was like being a goalie for an expansion team in the early '70's NHL.
He responded that, while it was very challenging at times, it was still playing the greatest game in the greatest league in the world.
About his nickname of 'The Cobra", Gary told me that a teammate of his while playing for the Phoenix Coyotes of the WHL in 1972 told a reporter that his new goalie was "lightning quick, like a cobra."
The reporter put that in his newspaper column, and the name stuck.
Thank you Mr Simmons!!!!


TJ said...

Very cool. That's one of the best goalie masks I've ever seen. Good job.

shanediaz82 said...

Great photo to have signed! Always nice to see the Golden Seals represented!