Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flipside Facts

Guess who got a bunch of Chippers in the mail? Me! Mark from Stats on the Back sent over around 30 Chipper cards.
Quite a few of which I didn't already have. Hard to believe, but I guess with Chipper having 1,093,848,329,041,993,256 cards of him made just in 1999, I suppose anything is possible.
Mark also was kind enough to take a slow, romantic walk through my Wantlists, and send over five cards that have eluded me until now.

Mr Morris sans 'stache...
Mr Guidry with 'stache

Bad Ass George
even Badder Ass Goose with Baby 'stache
and finally the Cobra, baseball style.
And all Mark wants in return is one interesting Met card. No stuffing a box or envelope full. Just one. But it has to be interesting. Now, to a Braves fan, I don't think any Mets card is interesting... but I'll find something for him.
Thanks Mark!

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the sewingmachineguy said...

Love the 82 Kellogg's 3-d.