Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Waxaholic Playoff Contest winners announced.

So before I totally disappear into the World Cup abyss (it's too late, save yourselves) I had to find time to announce the winner of the 2nd annual Waxaholic Playoff Contest.

To no one's surprise, in a year won by the Blackhawks, a Blackhawk fan won.

Congrats Sal.

LMK which of the prizes you wanted, and shoot me your address again.

Final standings...

Sal - 114 pts
Roy - 112 pts
dayf - 105 pts
Play at the Plate - 97 pts
Justin G - 86 pts
DFG - 85 pts
Dan - 75 pts
Jeremy - 72 pts
cynicalbudha - 72 pts
shane diaz - 71 pts
1st and Goal - 69 pts
gcrl - 65 pts
Night Owl - 65 pts
madding 65 pts
BA Benny - 58 pts
roofgod - 55 pts
dr Steven Ibottson - 55 pts
dwfbuck2 - 53 pts
Wax Wombat - 50 pts


dogfacedgremlin said...

So close...yet so far away.

Play at the Plate said...

I was about to make a comment about finishing 5th when I got distracted by the Girl O' the Week......

gcrl said...

middle of the pack. just like my kings.

Sal said...

I'll email you tonight or tomorrow. What were the prizes again, besides that 77-78 glossy photos set?