Friday, February 17, 2012

It's the long weekend!

I know what you're all doing.... you're sitting there wondering what to do this long weekend. Too much snow out there to do yard work, and you've already taken down the xmas lights. No football. Nobody watches basketball anymore. Sure, there's hockey is on tonight, but it's the Bruins, so who cares?
I have just the thing for you...... are you ready?

I just finished putting up my wantlist post for my 1992-2011 Topps Braves team sets.
I know!
And I know you all would just LOVE to help me out.
As thanks, I offer you this Bravos fan, who thanks you too.....
and there'll be another one over on the wantlist page too..... Promise. Either click the link on the right hand side bar.... or click HERE.
We thank you.


Dave H said...

Cute enough to almost turn me into a Braves fan!

Rosenort said...

I'm going ice fishin' and having a few Bohemian's, its the Canadian way.

dayf said...

Ha, you knew I was about to send a package so you wanted to make sure the postage would end up a little more expensive... well played.


Captain Canuck said...

hey man.... I just paid $13 to send 230 cards of '91 Fleer to someone.
Yeah, $13 when you can get the set for $5.
This is the way we roll.....

Ryan said...

...and that someone is very thankful. Drop me your address when you get a chance - I have something for you!

Your taste in Braves fans is quite enjoyable.