Monday, September 28, 2009

Pack break

It's been a very long time since I bought anything new to bust. I've got some boxes on the way (Goodwin Champions, '09 UD Football, '09 Topps Chrome, etc...) but only the gods know when they'll arrive.
Unlike our neighbours to the south, Walmarts here carry squat. And the only Targets are on deer and moose this time of year.
Our local Wally world has two blasters of '07/'08 Upper Deck Victory Hockey for $29, around thirty packs of something called Bella Sera, and that's it. Until yesterday. When they put out around a dozen fatpacks of '09/10 Fleer Ultra Hockey. 32 cards per pack, my wife grabbed me two packs.
I won't drone on about all 64 cards.... let's just do a quick review.

Some base cards.
Carey Price
Big Joe Thornton
King Marty Brodeur
Jose Theodore
a nice design, but not great. The photos just lack something that Upper Deck usually captures.
The silver foil name up the side is okay, but the grey gradient imposes on a lot of the photos.
The backs are well done. Full career stats, clean lines, easy to read and the number is located up top for easy sorting.
The drawback is for the players that haven't played for awhile, the back is awfully bare due to the lack of stats.
Another strike against is the number of players I pulled who changed teams a LONG time ago, but are still listed with their old teams. Were these cards printed last February??? If not, no excuse. Saku here, is an example of that.
The obligatory one per pack gold parallel looks like this.
Does EVERY set need a gold parallel? No. The answer is no.

Also found one per pack are the Rookie Sensations subset. Again with the gold border. I don't know any women who still wear yellow gold jewellry. It's left for the Gramma's of the world. What makes card companies think that yellow gold borders and subsets would still be all the rage?
Looks like an okay set of cards. 200 card base set. 50 Ultra Rookies for cards 201-250. Who know's how many packs it'll take to find one of those.
I'll give it 3/5


night owl said...

I agree a thousand percent: Gold needs to GO!

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Love the goalies ... not so thrilled with Fleer's product.

time to drop the puck.

shanediaz82 said...

I'm glad the season starts tomorrow night because the card releases aren't doing it for me so far...

Anonymous said...

I can't hate on gold parallels in Fleer Ultra, because it's obligatory gold parallel has been around for a good 15 years or so, even though it isn't nearly as cool as it was in the mid-'90s.