Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random thoughts at the end of the weekend

Dallas Cowboys - Tony Romo 16/27 353 yards 3 TD's 0 INT - a career high... T.O. who?

Denver Broncos - Josh McDaniel is single handidly tearing apart a proud franchise. One of the biggest fluke plays to pull one out against the Bungles. It's going to get worse.

St Louis Rams - Shoulda just stayed home.

Arizona Cardinals - do you have the new # for Todd Haley in Kansas City? wow.

Minnesota Vikings - ugly. A.P. saved you against one of the worst defences in the nation.

Baltimore Ravens defence - 24 points from the 3rd string QB of the Chiefs?? Maybe Todd Haley was the righ tman for the job.

New York Jets - Mark Sanchez, not bad kid, not bad. Can you do it again next week?

New Orleans Saints/Drew Brees - 358 yards 6 TD's
Detroit Lions/Matt Stafford - 205 yards 3 Interceptions... hang in there kid. It's a long ride.

and to my beloved Braves.... how can you sweep Philly, the Dodgers, and the Cardinals, yet have your ass handed to you by the lowly Reds and Astros in between????
Anyone??? Bueller???

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