Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Contest Winnings

a little while ago, Trevor over at The Hockey Card Blog ran a contest with the first and second prize being books. Sweet! I love me some book reading. The contest was hockey trivia and the winner could choose his book, with second place getting the other book.
Hockey trivia. Ha! No problem.

Well, slight problem. It wasn't the usual sort of trivia questions. They all had to do with hockey firsts. And they were HARD! I think I answered maybe 60% of the questions, and only got around 90% of those right, but I still managed to win!

This was the book I chose.
See how the questions were chosen? It all ties in together kids. Anyways, Trevor sent this beautiful glossy 8x10 hardcover book out to me, and I ended up reading it the first day. (only 160 pages)

Thanks Trevor! Awesome contest!!!


Chuck's Used Cards said...

old time hockey - when firsts were firsts ...

congrats !

MattR said...

Great stuff. I need to educate myself on hockey history. Right now my knowledge of hockey is woefully inadequate.

Teebz said...

No problem! Congrats on flexing that intellectual muscle! :o)