Friday, October 16, 2009

People of Cincinnati

Shame on you! Here's a story swiped from the AP;

Ochocinco, sponsor help keep sellout streak alive, avoid blackout
Associated Press
CINCINNATI -- The Bengals have avoided a local television blackout for their game against the Houston Texans -- with an assist from Motorola and receiver Chad Ochocinco.

The club announced on Friday that it had sold enough tickets for Sunday's game to keep its streak intact. The last 46 Bengals games have been shown on local television.
More than 3,000 tickets remained on Thursday, when the club got a one-day extension from the NFL for avoiding a blackout. Motorola, which is a longtime Bengals sponsor and has a partnership with Ochocinco, bought 1,200 tickets and will give them away Saturday -- with the receiver's help -- at Paul Brown Stadium.
The Bengals are 4-1 and on sole possession of first place in the AFC North.

First of all, an thumbs up for Motorola and Chad OchoCinco. Way to step up and give back to the fans. They deserve it, and in an age of Michael Vick, Michael Crabtree, and every basketball player, it's great to see an athlete step up and give back.

But a huge thumbs down to the people of Cincinnati. Your team, long laughingstock of the NFL, is 4-1 and in first place. Wins on the road over Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Why aren't you buying tickets in droves? It's not like you haven't before. 46 straight sellouts? Now this? Do you miss the losing?


night owl said...

Uh, maybe they got to pay rent. Times are tough.

Personally, I think blackouts are bullshit and contribute to the NFL's arrogance in a variety of areas.

But, hey, they're not the No Fun League for nothing.

deal said...

I am with Night Owl on this one.

Those 46 Sellouts came during different economic times. The Blackouts are ridiculous in the present era.

How about the Bengals adjusting some of their ticket prices.

kevincrumbs said...

Also, part of it is that people aren't entirely convinced that this Bengals team is for real. That coupled with the horrible economy in Ohio means no sell out.

Tunguska said...
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Tunguska said...

Any Bengals fan will tell you that Paul Daugherty is a god.

Check him out here.