Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm sooooo behind.....

I know, it's hard to believe. Me. Behind in my posting. Shocker. I've finally finished sorting my cards from the two boxes I busted the other day. Look for them shortly. And I've got about a half dozen trade packages piling up by the scanner waiting for their turn.

So in the meantime, I give you this. A 1979 Topps Pittsburgh Steelers Team Leaders checklist (unmarked!) that was sent to me by none other than Don Ortega. The Godfather of south Florida. Or is it north Florida? No. I think it's south. Whatever. It's warm and beachy, not under the cover of snow like I am.
Recognize the dude in the lower left? No? Profile not doing it for you? How about this?
Still not helping? Well what about this?
Yeah baby. THE Tony Dungy. Slayer of Belicheks. The Guru of Grudens.
The boy's got skillz.


Anonymous said...

It's da South!! How the heater working?? lol i'm telling you should become a snowbird!

MattR said...

1970s football, Steelers, afros. Doesn't get any better. :)