Thursday, October 8, 2009

Goodwin box break, and an I Told You So...

First off, let me preface this break of Goodwin Champions by Upper Deck by saying I told you so. In at least 8 other blogs, I posted a comment when that respective blogger posted a pack/blaster/box break of this product. Every time, each blogger showed off a Chipper Jones card. Every time, I responded by saying if I did not get a Chipper Jones card, I was a gonna lose it.

Guess what? Yeah. No Chipper. No McCann either. Not in auto, jersey, base, mini, black bordered mini, shiny foil mini, or easter egg night background versions.
Colour me peeved. (that would be a shade of magenta I believe. Or maybe puce.)

Onto the break. But be warned Upper Deck! (I know you read this humble blog) When we get deeper into the review, you will not like what I have to say. The first part is really good. The latter, is really, really bad.

The hits. (everyone has seen the base cards, yes?)
Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk. Game Used Somethingorother. (for trade btw)
Curtis Granderson Game Used Somethingorother. (for trade btw)

an auto of Evelyn Ng, pro poker player. (for trade btw)
Not bad.
Black bordered Gypsy Queen mini's - 5 in the box
(all but Mr Howe are up for trade)

Shiny foil mini of Justin Morneau - 1 in box

Citizen of the Day Grigori Rasputin - 1 in the box
48 base cards - no doubles
8 SP's (White, Hafner, Purcey, Perez, Carroll, Willingham, Hughes, Carmona)
2 Super Short Prints
Roy Halladay
and Jermaine Dye
20 mini's (with a catch)
the first 10

the next 10 or should I say 5???

Yeah. Five doubles out of twenty mini's.
Not happy. A deeper shade of magenta. Raspberry even.
And don't even get me started on the b.s. waste of space UD 20th Anniversary Crapserts.
10 of them!!!! 10!!! And they take the place of a base card!
So here it is, my two cents worth. 2009 UD goodwin Champions could have been the set of the year. It is better than Allen & Ginter in almost every way, save a couple. But these shortcomings are HUGE.
Autographs - even
Jersey cards - Ginter
Checklist - Champions (only because of the smaller set)
Card design/artwork - Champions
Inserts - Ginter (the 20th Anniversary killed Champions here)
Packs per box/Cards per pack - Ginter
If UD had upped the number of cards per pack to 8, or the packs in a box to 24, OR even just done away with the 20th Anniversary Crapserts, Champions would have won, easy.
I would have even overlooked the mini doubles. But no. you screwed up, upper deck.
The way I look at it is this, $70 for the box (98 cards) = .71.4 cents per card.
5 doubles, and 10 Crapserts is 15x.71.4= $10.71
Upper Deck, you owe me $10.71
the trading gates are open.


Collective Troll said...

Wow, double vision mini-style. It is so hard to resist buying a box of that stuff. I am supposed to be retired from ripping until Heritage or 2010 Topps comes out, but I have the itch to get Goodwin so bad! Seeing box breaks like this one make it a little easier...sorry dude.

JD's Daddy said...

if you want to hang on to that Fisk Relic, the Longo Mini, the Buehrle Mini, and what I think I saw was a Youk mini??? I know I pulled a mccann mini, and I will look for other Braves. but I am pretty certain I only pulled one Chipper out of 4 boxes :(

jackplumstead said...

Big B
Would you trade one of the Jacoby's?

FanOfReds said...

Every time I think about buying a pack, blaster, or box of these I think back to blog entries like yours...and then I save my money. So for that, I thank you!

Captain Canuck said...


Jacoby went from the scanner, to your "to be mailed" pile.
As all of my Jacobys do...

Rod said...

Did you get any of the surfer cards. I am looking for them. Thanks

Brian said...

If JD doesn't lay a claim on that Fisk relic, I will.

AdamE said...

Dang - Everybody beat me to the Red Sox cards.

Offy said...

I really, really wanted to love this set. I still love the look of the cards and will probably pick up some singles, but it's a terrible value if you buy this stuff by the hobby box unless you luck out and get a case hit. The blasters look to be a better value even if the 20th Anniversary cards screw you out of a fourth of the pack in those.

This is something I'll watch and if it takes the annual Upper Deck price plummet a year after release, I'll pick it up then.

Anonymous said...

I got a chipper for ya. I'll send it out tomorrow

Are you looking for anything else from the set?

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Dude, that's a HUGE bummer on the mini doubles.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I think Upper Deck is in decline - it has been for several years now.

As a collector of hockey cards, I've made my voice heard - I stopped buying UD cards.

Although A&G is in its thrid year,at least they are trying to keep it interesting.

Its Topps and Panini ...