Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, so sometimes real life says "You don't have time to sort two boxes of cards and post a box break about them. You need to shovel 18 inches of snow for most of the day."
Mother Nature 1
Canuck 0

so the box break will be posted tomorrow*

Until then, i leave you with this. The dumbest football player of all time. Period.
It's not just because of the fumble. It's because who the hell taught the youth of today to celebrate doing your job when you're down 35-10??? Look at the scoreboard you idiot.


MattR said...

what a doofus

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Having watched Bly during his time at UNC, I can't say that this comes as a big surprise.

Anonymous said...

What a moron.

Oh, and 18" of snow in October? Where the hell do you live? CANADA?!?

...oh wait...