Friday, January 8, 2010

Contest Update - Everyone Read!

Okay, for those of you who are rabid right now wondering, " what contest?!?, where?!?" Go HERE and follow the instructions carefully. Maybe finish reading this post first, so you can avoid the same pitfalls.

Apparently, the whole lowest seeded team always plays the highest seeded team is way too confusing. Or my rather feeble grasp of the Queen's English isn't as deft as I once thought.
No matter. There are mistakes to be fixed! Out of 30 entrants, there were 6 screw ups. Pay Attention. This means you.

Vikes over Philly
Arizona over Saints
Vikes over Arizona to go to the SB

well, in your scenario, the Vikes will first play Arizona, and Philly will travel to New Orleans. The winner of those two will play to go to the SB. So I need those three games picked.

Chuck's Used Cards - you wrote
Vikes over Philly
Saints over Packers
Vikes over Saints

I'll assume you meant Vikes over Packers, Saints over Philly, and then Vikes over Saints. But, you also wrote
Chargers over Jets
Indy over Patriots
Indy over Chargers

Again, I'll assume you meant Indy over Jets, Chargers over Patriots, and Indy over Chargers. I just need you to confirm these please.

David, you wrote FIXED - THANK YOU
Dallas over Vikings (which is fine)
Saints over Arizona (which is fine) but then you wrote
Dallas over Arizona
I'll assume you meant Dallas over Saints.
ALSO, you wrote
Patriots over Ravens (fine)
Cincy over Jets (fine)
Chargers over Cincy
Indy over Ravens (whom you had losing to the Pats)
Chargers over Indy
Did you mean Chargers over Patriots, and Indy over Cincy, for a final of Chargers over Indy??
Please repick those.

an easy one...
Chargers over Ravens
Indy over Cincy
Indy over Chargers
I'll assume you meant Indy over Ravens and Chargers over Cincy for a final of Indy over Chargers. Please confirm.

DREW ... oh drew....
Vikes over Packers
Saints over Dallas
you mean Vikes over Dallas and Saints over Packers?
Indy over Patriots
Jets over Chargers
Indy over Jets
in your scenario here, Indy will play the Jets, and the Chargers and Patriots will play. Those two winners will then play.
Repick those three games please.

Vikings over Arizona
Dallas over Saints
Dallas over Vikings

Dallas will play the Vikes first, then the Saints and Cardinals play, those two winners will face off.
Please repick, thanks.

Any questions, post 'em here. I'll extend the time limit of this evening until tomorrow morning to give people a chance to fix these. If you are not listed here, then you were fine.


Collective Troll said...

I clicked on this because I wanted to not because it says "everyone read". Its not like I am scared of you or anything... (I am flinching as I write this)

zman40 said...

Sweet, I didn't screw up!

SpastikMooss said...

haha zman. I read this post for the same reason...big *phew* on my part when I realized I did it right!

MattR said...

Vikings over Cardinals

Eagles over Saints

Vikings over Eagles

dayf said...

I'm somewhat surprised you didn't call me our for just plain rubbish picks.

dpuccio said...
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dpuccio said...

Wow, I wasn't even drinking. I'm not sure what I was doing when I wrote that.
Anyway, here is the update:

Dallas over Philly
Arizona over Green Bay

Dallas over Minnesota
New Orleans over Arizona

Dallas over New Orleans

New England over Baltimore
Cincinnati over NY Jets

San Diego over New England
Indianapolis over Cincinnati

San Diego over Indianapolis

Cowboys over San Diego

51 Points

Its showing me with a different username but these are the corrections for David. - Thanks

Motherscratcher said...


I'm at work and I just remembered that I need to make my picks.

I don't have time now. I'm slammed.

I just want to get in BENGALS FTW in the first game. I will get the rest of the im as soon as I get home.

Yes, I'm doing this partly to be a huge pain in the ass.

Peterson said...

nail on the head, Sir. Indy over Chargers, total: 45

man, was I the only one not drinking enough to have it affect my pick structure?

Motherscratcher said...

Sorry. Just got home. Here's my picks:

Philly over Dallas
Arizona over Green Bay

Philly over New Orleans
Arizona over Minny

Philly over Arizona

Cincy over NY
Baltimore over New England

San Diego over Baltimore
Indy over Cincy

San Diego over Indy

Super Bowl:
San Diego over Philly

Total pts: 51