Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey Dom Capers!

Kurt Warner just torched your defence in the playoffs. 29 of 33 for 380 yards and 5 td's.
yeah. Don't worry man, it's a big club. The line forms to the left.


stusigpi said...

Two minutes after the game, Kurt's eyes returned from normal, he shook his head, and asked "What just happened?"

He clearly is not a HOFer though. I mean 29-33 5 Td's o INT's and a rating of 155 is average at best. He has clearly been an average playoff QB his whole career.

Hackenbush said...

Another wrong pick for me but quite a game. I didn't want to root for the Packers anyway. Nice Warner card BTW. Are we starting another HOF debate already?

stusigpi said...


There is no debate, First Ballot.

MattR said...

I got two games out of four. I just couldn't bring myself to pick the Ravens or the Cowboys.

cynicalbuddha said...

Thanks for the condolences over at the crack. But to be honest both defenses look pretty bad. 96 total points and the Card's only won because Rodgers likes to kick balls. groan. I can't see the Cards getting to the big game again this year but who knows. My only dilema now is who to root for in the dallarina/vikqueens game next week. And I think Kurt would be a shoe in to the HOF if he won another SB, he's a shoe in anyways.