Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vikings Win Super Bowl!!! Favre Named MVP!!!

This just in.... The National Football League has just announced that the Minnesota Vikings have been named Super Bowl Champion and that Brett Favre has won MVP.

In a statement, Commisioner Roger Goodell starts off by apologizing to the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, but states that it is too good of a story to let actual results stand in the way. Quote ".... in a league meeting two weeks ago, the Board of Governors decided that Minnesota and Lord, I mean Brett, Favre should win the Super Bowl. We instructed our officials to make it happen. Unfortunately, they couldn't quite do it, despite a great effort on their part."
He continued; " once the NFC Championship ended the wrong way, we decided to just go ahead and award the Lombardi trophy now, rather than wait the requisite two weeks. We're ecstatic that the season could end the way we wanted. We couldn't have scripted it any better."

The ceremonies were dampened a little when Brett handed the Lombardi trophy to Adrian Peterson, who fumbled it. Thankfully, it didn't break.

When reached for comment, Saints coach Sean Payton had this to say. "f%$k Favre"
Peyton Manning could not be reached for comment, as he was busy filming a commercial.


B. Wags said...

That should have been our game. Brett had a great year. Vikings mantra: "There's always next year." Which will never change.

dogfacedgremlin said...

Well played, Captain. Well played.

Tim said...


Field of Cards said...

What is this foot ball you speak of?