Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm a little worried...

I received a package the other day from my nocturnal friend, the Night Owl. I sent him some random Dodgers as well as a card from his version of his "Most Wanted" list, and he returned the favour in kind.
Yes, Owl, favoUr.

First up, the Lemmer! He very well could be the next Governor of Georgia.
and my very first card of the Wonderful Terrific Monds. Name Hall of Fame right there.
a Chipper I didn't have... how did you know?
A brand new Topps ticket to crapdom of the sushinator, Kenshin Kawakami.
now the Chipper got me wondering, how did Owl know I needed THAT particular Chipper. But then it gets more intriguing.
Owl sent along a few '09 OPC cards I needed for my set.
He sent one of the '09 A&G I needed for my set.....
I know, I know. You think Night Owl just went HERE and checked out my wantlists and sent over what he could. Like a nice guy. Right? But Chipper isn't on any wantlist. And then there's this.
I only needed one card for my Braves team set from the 2000 eX set. I've been looking for months. No joy. Then Owl just happens to send Andruw. Set complete.
I know.
Owl's been going through my stuff.
At night.
When I'm not home.
I see the signs.
All of my xmas presents I had purchased early in october had been opened and rewrapped.
The shelf I keep all of my unopened wax has been jostled. I see the stains from his tears.
He knows what cards I need.
He also knows what cards to ask for... like he knows what's in my trade box.
I'm watching you N. O.
I'm onto you.


night owl said...

You think I went through all that trouble?

I'm a lot lazier than you give me credit for.

Dumb luck. And I blow too much cash on cards.

G_Moses said...

That's awesome you completed a set through sheer luck. Very cool.

Joe said...

I sent him that Andruw Jones card, regifter! Actually I don't care, I only sent it to him cause I thought it was a cool looking card, congrats on finishing your set.

Anonymous said...

I have a bow and arrow set if you need to take the Owl out... Oh we can make him an offer he can't refuse.... Either or i got your cold back!!

night owl said...

Joe: C'mon, you really expect me to hang on to an Andruw Jones card?