Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stat O' the Day

Peyton Manning's 2010 salary - $14,000,000

Donovan McNabb's 2010 salary - $25,000,000
I wonder if the guy who made that decision for Philly still has his job?


Anonymous said...

One would hope not. I remember watching McNabb play basketball at Syracuse. Yes, I said basketball. He was about as good at that as he is at quarterbacking nowadays.

G_Moses said...

Too funny. Freaking McNabb is never going to win one either.

Still, in the world of sports super stars, I'm sure McNabb is happier with his checks than Peyton's ring(s)

Mad Guru said...

Where did you get that McNabb figure? I've not seen anything approaching that number for any player.

Captain Canuck said...



they actually gave him a raise thinking $19 mil wasn't enough...