Friday, July 8, 2011

2011 Goodwin Champions trade/swap/giveaway post

Alright alright... settle down out there. We all know why you're here. There's been a billion posts on 2011 Goodwin Champions and this is just one more. I'll save you the review and just make it a show and trade post. Or a show and giveaway post if you have nothing I want.

If you've been following Cardboard Junkie, and really, who isn't? Then you've seen him go a little ga-ga over Champions. And rightly so. They're cool cards and his card shop sold him a stack really cheap. If there's anything you want or need to learn about these, go there. I'm just showing pictures for trade purposes.

John McGraw
 Stevie Y!!!!!
 Grant Hill.... I was just saying the other day I've never heard of this dude, now I have a card of him.
 Keanu... I mean, Damien Hobgood.
 Hey! A black bordered mini of Delino DeShields Jr the Second!!!
 Now he's got a green bottom, what's that mean? and do all black border mini's have red Lady Luck backs?
 Rhino is looking old. Real old. Nice sweater Mr Rogers.
 A creepy pic of John Havlicek.
 Hey look!!! Whitey Ford off to fight the bloody Germans after they bombed Pearl Harbour! Go get 'em Whitey!
 Now this next one kind of blew me away. It's a die-cut from the Figures of Sports insert set. This card featuring an vastly over rated Jerry Rice. This is a box hit ladies and gentlemen. This is on par with autographs, relics, and printing plates. I just don't get this one....
 Excuse me, do you have Jerry Rice in a can?
Why yes, yes I do.
Don't you think you oughtta let him out then? BWAHAHAHAAHAHHAA!!!!

moving on.

I'll finish up with my only short print, General Robert E. Lee. Apparently there is a car named after him.
You just heard the horn in your head, didn't you???? I knew it.

So there you have it. two packs, $9 worth. Whomever is looking for any of these, drop me a line. I'm sure dayf needs a couple... maybe Mr Lee since he's from that area...


cubsfan731 said...

I'm always after Ryno cards for my PC. And, if Dayf doesn't want it, Mr. R.E. Lee would be a nice addition to my collection.

night owl said...

I'll be watching Ryno in action this weekend.

This set is weird. Not in a bad way. Well, maybe ...

BA Benny said...

Mr Whitey Ford wouls look great in my Yankees old timers binder.

Drop The Gloves! said...

I want that General Lee. I'll trade you my Howie Morenz for it.

Colbey said...

There is a card of Robert E. Lee? That's my mom's super great uncle (or something like that). I'll have to track down that card...

dayf said...

1) all minis have green bottoms
2) black border cards have the Lady Luck back
2a) In 2009 black borders had Gypsy Queen backs so they had to do something
3) Jerry Rice is NOT overrated
3a) You swiped the joke I was going to use
4) I did hear the horn
4a) Mr. Lee is a Virginian, that's like three states up from here
4b) yeah I need that traitor.

Cheap Card Collecting said...

That Havlicek looks like a picture of Jackie Moon.