Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fabulous Freddie Freeman ladies and gentlemen....

so last night, Braves rookie 1st baseman Freddie Freeman hit his 15th homer and drove in his 50th RBI of the season. Freddie became the first Braves rookie to drive in 50 runs by or before July 18th since some guy named Henry Aaron in 1954.

No pressure kid.
 all this from someone who looks like he should be handing me my fries. (Well, except for the whole 6'6" 227lbs thing)
If you'll notice I haven't shown any Freddie Freeman cards. That's because I don't have any. Seriously. Will someone out there hook a Braves fan up?

Keep swinging Freddie.

Oh! and for those of you who remember my Craig Kimbrel post from a couple of weeks ago, with his next save he'll set the Braves rookie record for saves with 30.

I'm going to need my shades.

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Drop The Gloves! said...

I have an A&G Freeman with your name on it.