Thursday, July 28, 2011

I found the Shiny!

I stopped by the card shop today. I was going to be in the northern part of the city anyways..... so what's a little diversion, right? I mean, I went there with a big box of base cards for trading to try and finish some of my sets. Not to spend money. But he had some new stuff on the counter. It would be rude not to sample, right?

One pack 2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball. 5 cards for $6.

The wrapper gets special treatment as it has Fabulous Freddie Freeman on it.

 The very first card I see when I peel back the foil wrapper....
 Glorious. For it is The J-Hey.

Next up, A Dodger, for now, Andre Ethier.
 the checklist, scanned front and back for posterity.
 an X-Factor super refractor glittery somethingorother of Blue Jays prospect Deck McGuire. Cool name for Mr No Chins. These are about 1:4 packs.
 A Pirate! Young Pedro Alvarez. Isn't it amazing how many Pirate fans there are now since they've been in first place?
 A Rays Rookie! Jeremy Hellickson! I know nothing about young Jeremy and am too lazy to find out!
 but look! A sixth card in a five card pack!
Oooooohhhhhhhhhh! A Blue Jay hotpack!!! Edwin Encarnacion auto bat relic! I have no idea the insert rate of these as I don't know what group he's in.... BECAUSE TOPPS' WEBSITE SUCKS ASS!!!

I feel better now. All in all a good pack. I like these cards. A kajiilion times better than last year's "effort".


dayf said...

J-Hey on last year's wrapper and now Fab Five Freddie on the 2011 version?? Topps is really trying to get me to collect this set aren't they?

Hackenbush said...

Wow, nice pack!

Colbey said...

This year's effort looks so much better than last year. I'll have to make a trip to my LCS soon to see if he got any.

Dave H said...

Hellickson is a pretty amazing pitching prospect for the Rays. I have him on my fantasy baseball team and certainly is one of the best rookie pitchers in the majors this year. He is a strikeout guy with decent pitches.

Right now, he is

9-7 3.27ERA and 77K's

Not bad for first full season in majors.

dogfacedgremlin said...

i'm not sure if all the P-rat fans you speak of are new bandwagoners or just the old ones that were all in the witness protection program. Either way, we deserve at least one moment in the sun.

the sewingmachineguy said...

One pack, one auto... niiice!

Anonymous said...

Not bad at all.

And you're right about the Buccos. I'm seeing LOTS more Facebook posts than last year. I would just like to point out however that I jumped on that bandwagon in 2006.

Just sayin'...