Friday, July 22, 2011

Trade Night at the LCS - Freebie Edition.

This past Wednesday night was the monthly trade night at the card shop I go to. He had closed down his shop the week before, but it was only to move to a much larger location. Exciting news. So trade night was also opening night. I think it is safe to say that all went well. It's been awhile since I remember that many people still there at 9:30pm. It's been awhile since I've been there at 9:30pm.

Anyways, on with the cards. I got some freebies during the night. Remember Mike? The dude who pulled not one, not two, but three Bryce Harper autos? Well he gave me this sweet '77 Rob Belloir for my team set in progress.
He then proceeded to buy two 1982 Fleer cello packs and pull a Cal Ripken rookie card. A $6 Call Ripken rookie card.
I need mike to buy my lottery tickets. Or pick out my packs at least.
 Darren the owner handed me a few base cards for '08 Legendary Cuts, which included this sweet Dodger card.
Night Owl, if you need it for your PC, you get first dibs :)

I then got two more Braves from a guy whose name completely escapes me at the moment. I feel shame.

But not enough to not show off this sweet horizontal Chipper Jones. Love that swing.
 and my very first Fabulous Freddie Freeman card!!!
His walk up music needs to be Freebird. Just sayin'.


Spiegel83 said...

That is awesome, that your LCS hosts a traders night. It is probably cool to meet collectors face to face.

night owl said...

What does PC stand for? Pile of Crap?

Then, yes, I do need that card for my PC.

G_Moses said...

Man, that makes me wonder if somebody has ever set up a comic trade night? Our LCS's out here are bad, but I may check into a comic trade night.

We do have card shows out here though. Next time one comes through I'll peruse your needs list before I go.

Collective Troll said...

If I leave here tomorrow... I mean, if I ship yer trade pack tomorrow, will you cross 3 cards off of yer most wanted list... I have 3 2009 Topps U and H cards for ya... UH10 of Tommy, plus UH59 and #UH176 of Diory... CHEERS!!!