Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm late and gotta catch up....

The postal strike is over!! Which means it's finally here! My good friend John, or Jack Plumstead if you prefer, sent me the 2011 Topps Premier League sticker book!!! Now if you've been paying attention, yeah, I'm a wee late on starting this. The season has ended with Manchester United rightfully atop the standings.

No matter! Isnt it pretty?
 John also sent along what must be considered a rack pack over there...... 11 packets for the price of 10!!!
Isn't it nice how they don't try and snow you by saying "One FREE bonus pack!" But I digress.
 Those astute ones in the bunch have by now noticed the new feature for this year........
 Yeah baby!!! 3D!!! Not all the stickers.... but quite a few, plus a lot of pages in the book.
 The set also has large team stickers, here showing the best team in English football.
 and smaller, regular size stickers. The section that shows off all the new kits, (uniforms) are in foil this year.
 As are all of the team logos. I show Everton here in respect to my friend G_Moses.
 Something new this season is a section for "Stars of the Future". Basically young and upcoming players. Yeah, they're rookie cards. But they don't need a one inch square rookie card logo.... Old school.
 and of course the regular base stickers. 449 in all.
Thanks John!!!! If on the off chance that any of you are collecting this... I'm always available for swaps.


jackplumstead said...

Always a pleasure to start you on ANOTHER collecting pursuit.

G_Moses said...

For reals? This EXISTS? How did I not know of this? I'm going right to ebay right now to check on 11/12 books.

And big props for putting an Everton emblem on your page. My heart swells seeing it, even if it is encased in the Red Devil love post.

I'm so excited for the season to start that I find it hard to sit still. My daughters are going to love putting a book together with me this year!