Sunday, July 31, 2011

At first I thought Epic Win....

My wife called me and excitedly told me the news. The Braves had made a trade for Jason Bourne. This was amazing news. The intangibles he brings to the team off the field would make up for any bad publicity that may come with him, not to mention visa issues just trying to get him across the border or through airport security.
 But alas, my ever helpful wife got the minute details slightly mixed up. we unfortunaltely did NOT acquire Jason Bourne. What we got was Michael Bourn. Slight difference.
Here, Michael Bourn and Hunter Pence react to hearing they are no longer Astros.
 Good news, but for me sad news as well. We gave up three meh pitchers and one of my favourite Braves, center fielder Jordan Schafer. I really liked Jordan, even if his wrist is made out of rice crispies.
Yeah, I know, Michael Bourn is a gold glove all star center fielder who steals a lot of bases.

Reminds me of a trade we made a couple of years back. We acquired a gold glove winning all star center fielder who stole a lot of bases from Pittsburgh. His name is Nate McLouth. Michael Bourn's job is to do what Nate McLouth still has not done in three years.

I hope this one turns out differently.

Good luck Jordan, I'll miss you..... Welcome Michael Bourn. no pressure buddy.


R.N. Coyote said...

Be happy with Michael Bourn from Astros fan. We got screwed in the trade bad. Only Brett Olberholtzer the one that might make the Astros roster in few years

G_Moses said...

Could be worse. I mildly follow the Mariners now - but you could've done worse. Fan favorites are hard to see go, but damn, that's a tough division they're playing in this year.

Sal said...

Hah. That reminds me of when my Grandma told me that the Blackhawks acquired a player named "Hawerchuk".

Man, I was excited! Dale Hawerchuk on the Blackhawks!

Later on, I found that the 'Hawks actually got Tony Horachek. A bit of a difference there.