Monday, February 3, 2014

it's vintage week... Day 1

continuing on with my Check Out My Cards order, (I have to or I'll never get these cards put away into their binders and then they'll get lost and then I'll end up buying them again swearing the whole time because I'm sure I already have these but they're not in their binders and I never posted about them so where the hell are they anyways? Arrrgh.)
Now that I finally have electricity again, I'll put up a series of quickie posts featuring the vintage.
The vintage.
1959 Topps Carl Willey.

and it's pink.

my 1959 Topps needs... #'s 40, 212, 380, 450, 467, 551, 561, 565, 567, 571
...some heavy hitters in that bunch. day...

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Hackenbush said...

At least you didn't say "check out my willey".