Thursday, February 13, 2014

vintage week - Day 7 Pops and Hammerin'

wrapping up vintage week a couple of days late. But we'll end up with a beauty.

I have no idea why everyone is in such a hurry to buy the latest 2014 Topps inserts and parallels for outrageously high prices when you can buy cards like this for $0.81 cents!!!

ah well... kids these days.

my '72 team set is coming along nicely... I believe I only need one low number (Sal Bando!)
while still chasing those effing high numbers.
Thankfully the only big name needed left is Phil Niekro. Unless you count Dusty Baker?

my needs
#348, 451, 540, 591, 601, 620, 641, 675, 740, 758, 764, 787

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Jim from Downingtown said...

I had a lot of fun collecting this set back in 1972 (when I got all but the Bill Russell card). Years later, I realized the colors were a bit bizarre.

I never could figure out why they wasted cards on those awards, when they could have included other players (like Rusty Staub).

The league leader cards were nice. I stopped collecting full series in 1972, so I don't know how long they continued with the traditional 3-person leader cards as in 1966-72.