Thursday, February 6, 2014

vintage week... Day 4. Papa Roach

moving right along, here is the card I had planned to show yesterday.
a 1961 Topps Mel Roach

and before you go running to, Mel was born in 1933. So he's 27 in this pic.


No kidding.

That is IF Topps used a current photo of him. And we know how Topps LOVES to use old photos.

So he may be even younger.


1961 is one of my least favourite sets of the vintage era. I think it and the 1966 set are by far the worst.
I still love them.
But they u-g-l-y.

What's your ugly set?


bamlinden said...

My favorite ugly set is the 78/79 OPC hockey (Bossy rookie year).

Boring...but it's old. So it's good.

shoeboxlegends said...

I'm with you on '61 Topps being a dud in general, with a few exceptions of course...