Tuesday, February 4, 2014

it's vintage week... Day 2

day 2 of vintage week brings us yet another 1959 Topps. Only this one be green.
I have 26 different '59 Topps Braves, and this is only my third green one. I have fifteen yellow, one pink (shown yesterday), three light blue, two dark blue, and two All Star cards.
Mel here set me back $0.96

According to the cartoon on the back, Mel attends the University of Virginia in the offseason.

I wonder why Mel looks so wistful in the pic? What is he thinking?

Regardless, it's a lot better looking card than tomorrow's.....

still needed for 1959 Topps,
#'s 40, 212, 380, 450, 467, 551, 561, 565, 567, 571

1 comment:

bamlinden said...

He looks like he's about to do my taxes....not play second base.

Why the green? Variants? Random? Favorite color?

Doesn't seem to be team based.