Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas catch up time Part One

Awhile back, our friend Steve over at White Sox Cards was having a little contest. I LOVE contests. The only problem was Steve at White Sox Cards was giving away, well, White Sox Cards. And I'm a Braves guy... so I played along, but said I didn't want the prize.
What would I do with cards of White Sox players? Except mail them back to Steve.

I didn't think too much about it until the day before Christmas. A package arrived from Oak Lawn Illinois. Previously, I had sent him some oddball Fisk cards, and some '91 Donruss he needed to finish his set. Maybe this is in return?
No. It can't be. What am I gonna do with White Sox? After unwrapping, the top card is...
Perfect. I'll add him to the 6000 count box of my other 1991 Upper Deck in the bottom of a closet somewhere...
Flip over the small package and I see....
Well, I may as well open it up so I can see what I'll be trying to unload on some other White Sox fan.... next card....
Steve obviously has a sick sense of humour. Rub it in why don't you?!?! This is the cow we got for our bag of magic beans...

Wrong Chicago team Steve... wait... that's Maddux! Alright!
Klesko!!! Sweeeeet!

Jeff Blauser! Awyeah baby!
Steve was messing with me... and I fell for it... also included were;
91 Clasic Steve Avery Red
91 Classic Dave Justice Red
91 Classic Dave Justice Blue
91 Classic Ron Gant Blue
91 Classic John Smoltz Red
91 Classic Paul Marak Red
90 Classic Steve Avery Pink
90 Classic Oddibe McDowell Yellow
90 Bowman Mark Lemke
89 Score Albert Hall
84 Topps Pascual Perez
84 Topps Terry Forster
85 Topps Bob Watson
and seven cards from my 1990 Donruss wantlist...

Thanks Steve!


White Sox Cards said...

See what you get for your efforts? Braves cards and stuff from your want list.

Glad you liked them!

Cardboard Addiction said...

That Klesko looks like it's straight out of little league! Nice to see you back, and happy Boxing Day.

Captain Canuck said...

I dunno what Little League you played in... but he be a wee larger than what I pitched against...